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Optimize digital advertising with the help of data intelligence

Why Analytics?

Gone are the times when sellers had to peddle their goods. The power of the internet is not unbeknownst to anybody and the incredulous rise of e-commerce is proof enough of this phenomenon. But apart from online retailers who allow consumers to directly order their products digitally, other sectors are not ready to be behind.

Digital advertising, as it is called, is a relatively new method of reaching out to customers. But if one considers the facts, it is far more profitable than long established mediums. A recent study concluded that brands can experience a return of almost three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising that has been precisely delivered using purchase-based information. Digital advertising is used along with data analytics which allows the marketers to track and directly control the advertisement displayed to individual customers. This way of smart marketing based on customer data and preferences ensures that only relevant and interest-based ads are displayed to potential customers. Thus the Return On Investment (ROI) is enormously higher in digital advertising which makes it the most profitable medium for marketing.

Our Expertise - Your Benefit

· Understand product preferences and brand perception

· Personalization with the knowledge of what your customer likes

· Campaign optimization for higher ROI

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    Algoscale’s solution has given us the right marketing insights. It has guided us in the right direction, to where our growth should be.

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    Algoscale’s team exactly delivered what we required. Their work has greatly helped us in our research on lung diseases.

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