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Changing the phase of e-commerce with the power of data intelligence

Why Analytics?

As a small-to-medium online retail store owner, one needs to adopt right marketing strategies to ensure that the major share of his resources are directed towards profitable marketing channels instead of being spread over all the possible ones. If one can classify and record all the traffic that is being directed through the various marketing channels (search, referral, campaign, and direct) they can decide which marketing strategies to adopt.

Apart from this, one should be aware of consumer behavior patterns and their requirements, and the knowledge about the products in demand can significantly help the owner maximize profits by focusing on that product and modifying or dropping the others. Again, this requires one to be aware of the products which are being searched for more by the consumers.

This is where data analysis comes in - a good system which can provide u with all the relevant information and help you make informed decisions. Every e-commerce business needs to be adopt data analytics to substantially raise their profits.

These obvious present term profits do not limit the scope of data analytics. The look and feel of a website and the products and designs can be experimented with an aim to progress in the future as a proactive decisionmaker.

Our Expertise - Your Benefit

· Customer intelligence to help you with personalization

· Enhance Customers engagement

· Know what your customers dislike

· Enhance customer experience. Make shopping easy for them

· Plan your inventory for reduce stockouts

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    • Marketing Manager
    • An E-commerce Company

    Algoscale’s solution has given us the right marketing insights. It has guided us in the right direction, to where our growth should be.

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    • CEO
    • A Health Care Company

    Algoscale’s team exactly delivered what we required. Their work has greatly helped us in our research on lung diseases.

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