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Social Media

A business looking to prosper and gain a stronghold in the industry must provide customer satisfaction and a positive brand image. It's very important to know your target audience and track consumer sentiment to make decisions and build a base of loyal users.

To stay up to date with the general public's view of any business, one of the most useful ways is to track the postings in social media. Any social media marketing campaign is successful only if a buzz is being generated, and the people are viewing the brand positively and talking about it.

How to check your social qoutient?

A few basic parameters to judge the social quotient of a business is the number of Twitter and Facebook followers it has, and the number of likes it gets for it's posts. But if one wants to really know the true value of the campaign, then the parameters are very vast and specific social media analytics tools are required.

The analytics tools can track the number of clicks to a specific link, the number if backlinks to the business website, and even the number of times the business name has been mentioned in posts, comments and blogs. They also provide visual representation like graphs and tables to track trends in consumer sentiment and general opinion of a company


Customer Engagement
Sentiment Analysis
Reputation Management

Our Success Story

Socia media manager designed for a hotel chain to understand its social data available on review sites, facebook and twitter . The tools helps the hotel engage its customers online to improve its social qoutient and online reputation.


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    Algoscale’s solution has given us the right marketing insights. It has guided us in the right direction, to where our growth should be.

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    Algoscale’s team exactly delivered what we required. Their work has greatly helped us in our research on lung diseases.

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