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Why Big Data Engineering Services?

Big-data engineering is a complex step in the data journey that focuses on making raw data available to analysts for optimizing business processes. It takes the expertise of seasoned professionals to maintain data that is available and usable for the analysts to carry out their operations in an analytical way to maintain their output. It would be difficult to make sense of the massive amounts of data available to businesses without the data engineering step.

The process

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Why Algoscale?

Algoscale is a premier data engineering service provider. Our data engineering services and solutions provide organized, standard data flow powering data-driven models and decisions for your business. We help companies get accurate consolidation, management, protection, and understanding of their business-aligned data with our big data analytics services. Our outcome approach improves core competencies and creates a business-relevant analysis that can be used with technology architecture and capabilities.

Outcome-Driven Capabilities

Unlike tech-driven companies, Algoscale’s data engineering practise is outcome-driven, concentrating on solid data model foundations with data elements and entities that give business value beyond defined use cases.

Reduced Time-To-Insights

Using our innovative suite of accelerators, Algoscale’s data engineering consulting reduces time-to-value by 30% compared to traditional consulting and technology service firms.


Open Source Technology

Our data engineering team utilizes open-source technology as it provides accurate real-time analysis on a large volume of data while saving money on data storage and allowing users from many fields to collaborate efficiently.

Your Data is in the right hands

For a quality-conscious delivery, the highest priority is placed on customer satisfaction. At Algoscale, we help organizations articulate and create evidence of success by increasing ROI on their big data investments. We’ve mastered the 3Vs of Big Data – Volume, Velocity, and Variety, to build on our clients’ initial business capacity, optimize cost, and internalize (and normalize) the use of Big Data.

Unleash New Capabilities

Building on our cutting-edge big data technology, we are revolutionizing the way enterprises process huge quantities of data (both real-time and batch data) and turn it to strategize their business. Develop pipelines that transform and transport data into a format usable for further analysis. Sketch pipelines that combine datasets from many diverse sources to assemble them uniformly into a single source of output.

Analyze and respond to events in real-time

Yield influential actionable insights with real-time analytics to enable organizations to act with confidence and simplify the process of making complex decisions. Streamline complex procedures such as managing routine operations in IT systems and network monitoring, manufacturing, and processing financial transactions.

Our experts collaborate with high-end technologies and architectures to provide unique solutions to our clients. Some of the technologies we work with

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