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Text Analytics

Making sense from Text

With an unprecedented increase in the amount of text data being generated on the web, businesses have a need to make sense of it.

Algoscale uses sophisticated tools like customer analytics, natural language processing and pattern detection techniques to enable business predict the next best decision to make significant profits. The recommendation engines and predictive analytics built by us can help businesses make informed decisions about the growth.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics

Text analytics can help you uncover patterns and themes from the unstructured text like emails, tweets, social media platforms, blogs, survey results, or online reviews to provide valuable insights about your customers. Moreover, by combining text analytics with advanced analytics and machine learning, you can predict the sentiment trend.

At Algoscale, we derive meaning out of unstructured text data to help you gain new customer insight or determine sentiment about products and services. We follow a 360-degree approach that involves extracting and tokenizing the text, detecting term and sentence boundaries, tagging, parsing, and obtaining knowledge to derive insights.
Monitor your social media, filter out spam emails, automate your ad placement, and gain competitive intelligence by partnering with Algoscale.

Our Offerings

  • Sentiment, Emotion & Intent Identifier
  • Categorization & Clustering
  • Natural Language Generation (Chat bots)
  • Structured Text Data Extraction
  • Context-aware Information Retrieval
  • Summarization