Algoscale Powers Automation of Data Synchronization Between Two CRMs

Algoscale Powers Automation of Data Synchronization Between Two CRMs

Industry Challenges

The large-scale adoption of technology has led to deploying multiple CRMs that cater to different organizational requirements. This necessitates the creation of a system that seamlessly synchronizes existing CRMs for faster data transfer.

Problem Statement

Create a middleware to synchronize data between Oracle’s legacy NetSuite CRM software and CRM to create a linkage for smooth data transfer and efficient workforce management.

Our Solution

Algoscale joined hands with a global eCommerce giant dealing in drug testing kits, looking for seamless integration between two CRMs. Algoscale successfully ensured operational stability, better internal coordination, enhanced resource management, and significant cost efficiencies for our client.


The process of creating a synchronization middleware for our client involved the following steps:


  • Deploying Apache’s Airflow open-source tool to synchronize data between the two CRMs.

  • Using the client’s existing back-end infrastructure to create and implement the middleware.

  • Sending requests to Airflow whenever there is a webbook trigger on the side.

  • Ensuring seamless transfer of data from to NetSuite.

To get this middleware up and running, we used Python to create more APIs that interact between both systems. As soon as a lead becomes a customer, this middleware creates a trigger store in a database. Airflow handles the triggers and feeds the details to the database.

We custom-made this entire framework using MySQL as our preferred database. The modular architecture of Airflow allowed us to scale this middleware according to information flow and aided developers during critical times. UI/UX experts at Algoscale ensured the interface was highly intuitive and easy to use, simplifying the process for new users.


Business Impact

Over the past three years, our middleware helped synchronize 127673 sales orders of the cumulative 420668 orders in our operational existence. A total of 997596 sales leads from have been synchronized post the implementation of the middleware, and we have successfully closed 1333704 leads through our technology.


Our real-time business performance and growth trajectory insights resulted in several operational benefits, including


  • Faster turn-around times
  • Better resource management
  • Negligible manual data-feeding
  • Reduction of errors, miscalculations, and data loss

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