Data Warehouse for Marketing Agencies

Data Warehouse for Marketing Agencies

Industry Challenge/ Challenges

The client was looking for an automated system that could integrate data from varied partner sources to generate reports on a weekly basis. Navigating through segregated data, and manual reporting cost time and money to businesses. An automated system provides useful data-driven insights and allows employees to focus on more creative or strategic initiatives.

  • Save Resources
    A lot of time and money is saved by automating reports instead of manually tracking, updating, and adding data to them.
  • Streamline Data
    Consolidating all of the data into a single source of truth aids marketers in better understanding the key indicators such as CAC, ROI, and ROAS.
  • Storage Elasticity
    Data Warehouses provide elasticity of storage and ensure that all of the data is in one place, ready for cross-channel historical analytics anytime it’s needed.

Problem Statement

  • To develop an automated system that could integrate data from multiple partners to generate weekly reports for the client.

Our Solution

  • Algoscale started with building a data warehouse to store all of the data. 
  • Data integration was done by creating data pipelines to extract data from different sources :
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Shopify
    • Instagram
  • To provide the client with secure access, a custom dashboard and user-management system were developed.
  • We were able to develop a reliable system that could be used by multiple agencies at the same time. 

Tech Stack

  • AWS Redshift – Data warehouse
  • Data connectors – Python
  • Django & Angular
  • Chart.js
  • AWS Cloud for deployment

Business Impact

  • We were successful in establishing an automated system that could provide detailed reports for clients, freeing up human resources to focus more on giving value to their customers.
  • Our system reduced the time spent on generating weekly reports by 80%.

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