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Image/Video Analytics

Image/Video Analytics

Image and video analytics has the potential to solve many social, political, economic and industry issues. With advances in multi-lingual speech recognition, machine vision, and rules-based decision engines, it has become easier for enterprises to draw inferences using real-time streams of image and video content.

At Algoscale, we empower organizations to develop comprehensive security capabilities using video. Take advantage of our advanced search and facial recognition analytics to find relevant images and critical information across multiple video files from various camera types. Uncover insights and patterns by extracting information from captured video and improve your ROI.</p


Our Offerings

  • Object Detection and Tracking
  • Image Classification
  • Real – Time Emotion Detection
  • Security/Surveillance
  • Face Recognition/ID
  • Body Pose Detection
  • Invoice segmentation
  • OCR Data Extraction
  • Image Similarity & De-duplication