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Data Integration & Pipelines

Big data

Real-Time Analytics

Analyzing data in real-time can lead to significant actionable insights across domains. It allows businesses to act with certainty and makes complex decision making easier. Real-time analytics helps firms by managing routine operations in IT systems and network monitoring, manufacturing, and processing financial transactions like authenticating transactions, validation, and detecting fraudulent transactions in real-time.

Real-time analytics can also help businesses cut preventable losses in urgent healthcare situation that demand immediate attention, alerting brokerage firms with suspicious activities by embedding predictive intelligence models, or automatically monitoring brands on social media to ensure brand protection.

At Algoscale, we help you derive actionable insights from your data in real-time. You can also seize new opportunities by drawing insights from customer behavior and manage capacity/stock accordingly and manage customer relationship by maximizing satisfaction and business results during each interaction with the customer.

Our Offerings

  • Scalable Data Pipelines
  • Data Attribution
  • Real-time insights for quicker business critical decisions
  • Fuse silos of data