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Data Warehouse Analytics

Data Warehouse Analytics

Irrespective of the size of the organization, a bulk of their raw data is spread across multiple unstructured data sources and operational systems. With massive amount of data, organizations are challenged to bring all of it together and optimize it for reporting and analytics.
At Algoscale, we help organizations address this challenge by creating ETL processes that load data from source systems into the data warehouse after cleaning it. The cleaned data is used to measure KPIs and other metrics to derive insights.

The result?

Improved and consistent data quality, quick response time, and high ROI. If you’re beginning to explore BI for your business but the high cost or time is putting you off from exploring the advantages of a data warehouse, get in touch with us.

Big Data

Our Offerings

  • Lead generation
  • Self & competitors’ product cataloging
  • 3rd-party data attribution
  • Physical Documents Digitization
  • Public records (OpenFDA, SEC, etc.)