Client overview

The client is one of the leading providers of diagnostic test kits in the US. Founded in the 2000s, they offer substance abuse screening options for healthcare providers, addiction treatment specialists, employee recruiters, law enforcement officers, safety procurement managers, and concerned educators.


The diagnostic kit provider wanted real-time sales forecast to send purchase reminders to the existing clients. The client had multiple data points available and was looking for a solution that would analyze these data to predict the sales of next testing kits for two reasons:

  • Send reminders to the clients
  • Forecast sales

One of the major challenges was to have a single source of truth. The provider had two CRMs, which maintained data in silos and had data duplication. They were looking for a solution that would synchronize data between the existing CRMs (NetSuite and, analyze the data, and predict future sales on a user-friendly, intuitive dashboard. The client also wanted to generate a score for individual sales prospect in the CRM and push the data to for further action.


Algoscale enriched the data from third-party sources and used machine learning and advanced analytics on multiple data points like client list, purchase history, and the nature of institution to forecast sales of the next testing kit. The forecast was delivered on a user-friendly, intuitive dashboard.

Algoscale also used Django and PHP to synchronize the CRMs – NetSuite and – and ensure that entries made on either CRMs reflects on both the CRMs. The synchronized data was displayed on a dashboard built on Angular.