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One of the most potent and popularly employed trustworthy streaming platforms is Apache Kafka. For log aggregation, stream processing, event sources, and commit logs, Kafka is a fault-tolerant, highly scalable system.

For big data analytics, Kafka functions as a plugin technology that can be used with a variety of technologies, including Spark, Hadoop, Storm, HBase, Flink, and many others. It can be used to create real-time streaming applications that respond to streams in order to perform complex event processing, real-time data analytics, and transform, react, aggregate, and join real-time data flows. Stream processing, messaging, website activity tracking, log aggregation, and operational metrics are some of the most frequent use cases for Kafka.

For all of your big data streaming and processing needs, Algoscale has Kafka Consultants who can offer professional advice. Our experts have practical knowledge of setting up and managing on-premise Kafka platforms as well as managing Kafka clusters on Linux, Windows, and cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and EMC.

Why choose Apache Kafka?

Quick Processing Speed

Kafka can handle massive amounts of data per hour while processing streams of data with millisecond latency.


Millisecond latency enables close to real-time processing, enhancing productivity and the user experience.


Apache Kafka can schedule individual node maintenance in order to handle faults without causing downtime thanks to load balancing and data replication.

Why Hire Kafka Consultant from Algoscale?

Every phase of the lifecycle of your application will be supported by our close collaboration with you. We can put our extensive knowledge of Kafka implementations to use for your unique requirements.

Here is why you must kafka developers from Algoscale today!

Our Kafka Development Service Offerings

Architecture engagement

Our Kafka experts recommend best practises, identify potential pitfalls, and plan the necessary actions for your application after meticulously evaluating and carefully reviewing your current deployment.

Assessment & Benchmarking

Because our developers are on call for you around-the-clock, it's simple for you to schedule consulting engagements at times that work best for your team.

Kafka AWS Cloud Deployment

We have a significant amount of experience developing and optimising Kafka AWS solutions. We can assist you in determining when it is appropriate to use the managed Amazon Kafka service (AWS MSK) and when it is appropriate to set up a cluster on bare EC2 servers.

Kafka Cost Control

Are you debating between hosting your Kafka cluster on your own server or going with a managed service option? Are you trying to predict how the operational cost of your cluster will develop over time? With Kafka cost/reliability trade-offs, we are here to assist you.

Kafka Health Check

This package is intended to assist you in evaluating whether open source technologies can satisfy your company's requirements. You can design and implement proof of concept projects in this package to investigate and validate your choice to use open source technologies and to feel assured that you made the best decision.

Upgrades and Security patches

Choose from a variety of SLAs to suit small businesses to large corporations around the world. With our specialised services and solutions, we also take care of your urgent needs and assist you in developing go-to-market products on schedule.

Our Process

At Algoscale, we do more than just fill development skill gaps. Reach out to us with your most challenging requirements and let us turn your aspirational ideas into a reality.
Client Success

Our Spark Developers Case Studies

Algoscale developed & scaled an end-to-end data pipeline using Apache Nifi and also, utilizing a variety of technologies such as Kafka, Akka, Postgres, Elasticsearch, and others.

Built data pipelines using Python & Apache Airflow. This data was pushed into the AWS Redshift for further analysis and visualization with a custom-built application in a multi-tenant environment.

Algoscale created a data warehouse deployed on AWS Amazon Redshift cluster. Our experts used Redshift Serverless to run & scale analytics without the need to provision or manage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apache Kafka is used for

  • Stream processing
  • Metric collection and monitoring
  • Real-time analytics
  • Ingesting data into Hadoop
  • Ingesting data into Spark

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