Visitor tracking and analytics
Spend reporting
Master data management
Spend forecasting
Inventory forecasting
Product matching, deduplication & taxonomy
Structuring invoice data at scale
Assortment/ procedure kit analysis
Physician preferences
Healthcare marketplace
S2P implementation
BI Dashboard
Reporting warehouse for ad & bid servers
Real-time bidding
Click stream data processing for web analytics
Demand forecasting
Ad-creative (banner & video) optimization
Intent & topic modeling
User profiling
Ads Targeting
Audience segmentation
Cookie Matching
DSP and SSP integration
House repairs warehouse
Property cataloging
Price prediction
Demand prediction
Property scoring
Lead scoring
Taxonomy & classification of repair estimates
Neighborhood scoring based on outlets location & reviews
Digitization of agreements & deeds
Retrieval system
Customer profiling
Spend reporting
OTA price parity
Review Analytics
Intent Classification
Reputation management app
BI Dashboard
Multi-currency reporting
Trade & order book warehouse
Arbitrage bots
Trading bots
Crypto-currencies price prediction
Investment Value Prediction
Stop-loss prediction
Automated trading dashboard
Spend Analysis
Visitor tracking and analytics
Customer segmentation
Master data management
Review analysis
Competitive intelligence - Price & inventory
Demand forecasting
Lead scoring
Apparel cataloging & merchandising
Object & brand recognition
Review analytics
Automated attribution
Assortment analysis
Products recommendation
Customer 360 app
Automated transactional processes
IoT (Transportation): Geolocation data reporting
Phy. Training: Motion classification
HR: Employee rating/ performance
Govt.: Visually similar images detector
Training: Identify golf’s club & scoring the swing
Legal: Agreement & contracts analytics
HR: Job & candidates recommender
IoT (Transportation): Complete GPS-enabled application for monitoring, alerting & operating logistics network