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Product Engineering

Design Ideation. Agile Development

Product Engineering

Steps Involved

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The initial stage of product development involves conceptualizing & documenting the ideas. Here, the idea which came into being as a byproduct of brainstorming is scrutinized as to whether it will be feasible in its approach and meet the requirements of the business. An idea might appear worth pursuing in the beginning, however might not be the case once it goes through the scrutiny of the experts.


After conceptualizing the idea, this stage focuses on the product design. Major decisions regarding the choice of the technologies, operating systems, interfaces, and more are made. Further alterations, if any required, are also made to the concept idea, before moving on to the next step, that is, development.


Assembling the product is the next step in the process. This step centers around the required features of the product, the prototype development, user experience, among others through algorithmic approaches with cost optimization in mind as well.


Just like a physical product requires quality checks, a digital product also needs to go through valid quality checks. Quality being the driving force and the most desirable outcome of any product life cycle, this step plays a very important role in creating a satisfactory product ready for its release.


Once the product is thoroughly tested and passes all the quality checks, it is ready to be deployed and, thus, released into the market. This stage calls for feedback, as it will enable further re-engineering processes which the product might as well need to go through. This is important for customer satisfaction, in the long run, bringing in loyalty from customers and converting them into repeat customers.