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Computer Vision Development Services

Algoscale has vast experience in providing computer vision development services in the USA to help their clients gain useful insights and improve business decision-making. Our team of experts will help you to select the right platform, develop applications, integrate cameras, and improve process efficiency by embedding with other systems.



Computer vision and AI ‚Äď A perfect blend of innovation

Image and video analytics have the potential to solve many social, political, economic, and industry issues. With advances in multi-lingual speech recognition, machine vision, and rules-based decision engines, it has become easier for enterprises to draw inferences using real-time streams of image and video content.‚Äč


Our Computer Vision Solutions Offerings


Object detection and Tracking‚Äč

Detect objects and get their locations in the image. Track objects across successive image frames in real-time.

Image Classification

Identify what the image represents. Categorize and label groups of pixels or vectors in a picture.

Real‚ÄďTime Emotion Detection

Interpret facial landmarks and non-verbal indicators in pictures and videos to determine an individual’s emotional state.

Security / Surveillance

Monitor security footage in real-time, spot patterns or suspicious behavior, regulate access to specific sites, and take pre-emptive action.

Recognition / ID

Provide real-time surveillance and tracking of people whose photographs have been saved in the data set. Mathematically map an individual’s facial traits.

Body Pose

Identify, track, and detect the location of human body parts and joints to create a human body representation from the visual data.

Invoice segmentation & OCR Data Extraction

Convert receipts or images of invoices into machine-readable text data in the form of structured documents by extracting crucial information from them.

Image Similarity & De-duplication‚Äč

Detect and delete duplicate and near-duplicate photographs from your collection automatically while displaying the images to ensure the correct ones are removed.


Some of the technologies we work with as a leading computer vision development company

Why Choose Algoscale Technologies

Algoscale is a computer vision development company based in the US that uses top-notch AI solutions to help you understand the content of your digital images and videos. Our Computer Vision solutions can assist you in automating tasks such as monitoring, security, and other similar tasks.