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Get meaningful & beautiful insights using advanced AI by blending data from multiple sources!

What we do

Computer Vision &NLP

Object Recognition
Image Classification
Image Segmentation
I&O Annotation
Word Classification
Text Tagging & Parsing
Machine Translation
Speech Recognition

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning
Unsupervised Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Transfer Learning
Active Learning
Meta Learning
Deep Learning

Product Engineering

Rapid Prototyping
Data Architecture
Big Data Engineering
Product Upgrades
System Maintenance
Agile Methodology

Data Engineering (Big Data)

Layout the data pipelines with multi dimensional attribution with distributed infrastructure. Converge multiple data streams to flow into your data lake.

Data Extraction Draw out valuable inferences by web crawling, internal data silos, documents extraction, pricing extraction, image extraction, etc. from multiple sources and then migrate this data to a data warehouse. ETL incl. Integration A number of processes such as data parsing/ cleansing, data enrichment, setting the velocity of data loading and data validation are performed to generate the data ready for analysis.
Real-Time Systems Achieve real-time streaming data and thus increase efficiency by receiving real-time alerts monitoring and reporting. Data Aggregation Discover the patterns and relationship between data which is summarized at one place from various sources.
Data Analytics

Use advanced deep-learning algorithms to understand the text content and create insights in a structured manner

A linguistic-based document synopses used to organize, structure and categorize content by tagging which also includes search and indexing, content alerts and duplication detection.
Capturing documents, images, audio or video files through OCR programs and transcription to convert them into easily machine-readable text formats which can be further used for computational analysis methods.
NLG & Chatbots:
NLG converts data into human language and can also translate this text to audible speech which can be leveraged by intelligent chatbots. Chatbots can help meet customers’ requests and deliver significant value by optimizing cost, time and workforce.
Topic Modeling:
Uncover the semantic and sentiments of the document by highlighting a bunch of key topics

Use the previous transactions data to understand about the consumers’ preferences and use that to cross/ upsell to new set. Also, segregate consumers to fulfil their own look-alike preferences.

Need State Analysis
A simple hack to sell more is to know exactly what requirements the customer has for a service or product.
Collaborative Filtering
Insight of what might interest a customer based on the taste of many other similar customers.
Market Basket / Assortment Analysis
Allocating the quantity of certain products from the merchandise mix, handling discounts and managing the visibility of products in the marketplace by observing the consumption pattern.

Our intelligence helps in understanding the patterns that lead to prospects convert to customers. Since not all the customers are same, we help in creating customers’ segment for personalized campaigns.

Transfer Learning
Usage of pre-trained model from previously done similar projects fostering rapid progress and improving the performance of the current model.
Object Detection / Classification
Efficient algorithms locate and highlight interesting objects in an image with respect to the background and label them into predefined categories.
Image Indexing
Efficient indexing to facilitate fast access to the images and video sequences in the database.
IR Systems
Get highly accurate information retrieval systems, based on not just the words presence but also capture the context to have meaningful results.

We mine complete organization data as well as third party data to create the most comprehensive set which is further augmented give you the competitive edge.

Regression & Classification
Highly scaled model for prediction of discrete class labels and continuous quantity outputs.
Time - series Forecasting
Predict the future values based on previously monitored values, mainly used for non - stationary time series data.
Product Engineering

Let us help you in building the end-user facing application which sits in front of the AI or data pipelines. Used by your customers to interact or visualize with the insights!

Web and Mobile App
Next generation web and mobile applications that are highly scalable leveraging agile development processes and cutting edge technologies.
BI Dashboards
Well – designed BI dashboard for visualizing analyzed results, reports and other key metrics related to the business.
Data Workbench
Build data capturing & management platform on top of your master data. Ensures consistency across your organization & better analytics.


A glimpse into our projects

Sentiment analysis of online reviews for a large hospitality customer resulting in 14% improvement in NPS

Spend analytics for several large Fortune-100 customers with average savings of US$20m

Strategic positioning of retail stores based on customers’ demographics & macroeconomic data

Master Data Management (MDM) for a healthcare giant by unifying the data across 50+ internal & external sources

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