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Business Intelligence Services

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Our process

One of the key components of a Business intelligence (BI) system is Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). We utilize this tool to analyze multi-dimensional business data that provides insights supporting business decision-making.


Why Business Intelligence?


Data-Driven Decisions

Serving an expanding number of applications, BI platforms count on technologies like SQL databases, machine learning, and cloud platforms to process data-driven decisions whilst creating forecasting models, live visualizations, and data mining.


Real-time Reports

Business Intelligence is the ultimate solution for businesses that demand real-time information. Use powerful data visualization tools, such as real-time dashboards to construct straightforward, accessible reports that integrate relevant, operational data.


Data Warehousing

Serving as the backbone of BI systems, data warehouses are central repositories for data compiled from disparate sources. With data warehousing, you get a flexible foundation to aid your BI operations and speed up decision-making.

Right Tools to Deliver the Right Value

Algoscale is among the top Business intelligence companies in USA with tools like Tableau, Looker, and other Open Source technologies, we bring to you the experience of operational excellence, enhanced profitability, and complete functional visibility, as we pull out the essence of information lying in your complex and raw data to unleash successful campaign delivery and revenue opportunities.

Easy-to-grasp Visualisations

A range of tools and algorithms is employed to compile and process the analytical findings into actionable insights in the form of easy-to-grasp dashboards, reports, graphs, charts, and more to serve comprehensive intelligence regarding your business. Streamline tasks, influence customer purchase decisions, and process optimization with our services.

Our Offerings

Our experts help clients in configuring and deploying Tableau along with our Tableau Consulting Services and Tableau Customer Services, including training or support, making Algoscale one of the best tableau consulting companies. In addition to deployment, our experts assist you with Business intelligence services like integrating business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics into your organization, removing any bottlenecks, and training you on how to utilize Tableau like a pro. Allow us to demonstrate the potential of data through spectacular Tableau dashboards, revealing actionable insights that were previously hidden.

Algoscale works closely with the Looker team to leverage the power of LookML for its customers. Now the data analysts create the data model and let the business team digest it. The recent acquisition by Google is a testament to Looker’s power. Our experts assist you in defining the KPIs that drive your company while providing a single point of access to reliable data with Looker.

Open-source software has progressed to the point that it now outperforms most proprietary platforms. Oftentimes we work with open source tools including Apache SuperSet and Metabase for deploying BI solutions. Several times we have extended them to meet the customers’ requests. Open source is a preferable way of developing and distributing software as it gives crucial assurances regarding the discovery, operation, and packaging of the software.

Why Algoscale?

Domain Experience

With our 7+ years of experience as one of the top Business Intelligence companies in USA, Algoscale provides data integration, interactive visualizations, and unique reporting to businesses of all sizes helping them in gaining a competitive edge.

No More Data-related Problems

With a variety of charts & libraries supported, we work on getting the most meaningful way to represent your data. Get fast access to all your data in one place and focus on the vital tasks that contribute to your bottom line.

Operational Profitability

We boost operational profitability by using business intelligence tools and advanced data analytics to address real-world challenges and obtain insights.
Whether you’re looking for tableau customer services for a small business, enterprise, e-commerce platform, or senior engineer, we can help. Algoscale is one of the leading Tableau Consulting Companies helping you get the most out of your Tableau setup.

Tableau Consulting Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

The growing global interest in business intelligence has been acknowledged as a critical role for small to medium-sized businesses in serving their customers’ needs through BI analysis. Their low financial resources have been limiting their ability to invest in Business Intelligence solutions; however, the return on their investment in a BI system remains significant. Algoscale is a leading business intelligence company providing world-class solutions to businesses from start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. So no matter your company size, we have a solution for you in the form of graphs, charts, and dashboards that offer quick access to corporate data and enhance decision-making.

Data that is not protected poses a significant risk and if necessary safeguards aren’t in place, business intelligence software benefits might become data security concerns. BI tools integrate and save massive amounts of data so that it can be analyzed and used for other operations. As data implies a great deal of responsibility, various layers of abstraction should be maintained for security purposes, such as firewalls, vulnerability scanning, intrusion prevention, and so on. Our business intelligence experts who implement these solutions are well-versed in the types of data and where it is stored, ensuring maximum security. Algoscale has 7+ years of experience as one of the leading business intelligence service providers in providing data integration services, interactive visualizations, and innovative reporting to organizations of all sizes, helping them achieve a competitive edge.

As the name suggests, there are numerous reasons why BI is the right business investment. Employees can use BI tools to create data reports and visualizations that demonstrate what’s working and what isn’t, as well as recommend next steps. Businesses need data-driven insights to steer their marketing processes, and BI provides them with that. BI tools can assist businesses in better understanding their target audience, identifying patterns in customer behavior, evaluating the success of marketing efforts across all channels, and gaining competitive intelligence. Algoscale is a leading business intelligence services company bringing you operational excellence, increased profitability, and comprehensive functional visibility for your business.

The business intelligence software implementation process starts with defining a strategy. The goals are clearly defined, KPIs are set and the responsibilities are allocated among the team members. If you outsource business intelligence implementation, your vendor will provide you with the team structure that best meets your requirements. The technical stack of business intelligence solutions varies depending on the software used and your business requirements. The right BI tools for your company are then determined. The software chosen will depend on the requirements and budget. Your decision is heavily influenced by how you will get the data, visualize it, and interact with the metrics. You can, however, escape the hassle of selecting BI tools by entrusting all technical specifics to the vendor you’ve selected, which is usually the wisest course of action. As one of the top business intelligence service providers, Algoscale partners with specialists in the field of Business Intelligence analytics and use a variety of tools and algorithms to assemble and process the data into actionable insights.

There are several Tableau consulting firms in the market, but selecting the right one for your company might be difficult. Algoscale is a leading Tableau consulting company that assists clients in configuring and deploying Tableau as well as offering Tableau training and support. Our professionals help you integrate business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics into your organization, remove bottlenecks, and train you on how to use Tableau like a pro, in addition to implementation. Allow us to demonstrate the power of data through stunning Tableau dashboards that uncover previously unseen actionable insights.

There has been an outpouring of massive amounts of data with the advent of the digital age, boosting the necessity for self-service BI solutions like Tableau for business teams in any industry. Tableau is being adopted by all businesses in order to acquire actionable insights and make better decisions. Tableau provides interactive dashboards and reports with reliable data in less time. Big and small businesses are implementing Tableau and reaping the rewards. Tableau specialists are in continuous high demand.  Algoscale is a Tableau consulting company that can help you integrate business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics into your organization, eliminate bottlenecks, and learn how to use Tableau like a pro.