The retail industry being one of the most competitive sectors, it is very crucial for retailers to know and understand
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Hotel & Travel industry is a very competitive sector where potential customers have a variety of options to choose from.
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Big data market is expanding immensely and new big data technologies are coming up rapidly. According to Wikibon, “Worldwide Big
Search engines favor pages that provide thorough overview of a topic that includes all fundamental subtopics, answer questions, and move
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Technology helps reduce spending and increase revenues by providing visibility into global spend while creating automated processes to classify spend
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Advanced video technologies and connected devices in sports produce data that can be used to analyze and improve players’ performance
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An idea that hasn’t been packaged and presented well seldom impresses people. So it becomes extremely important for us to
Designing a web-page is not a Herculean task anymore. There are e-commerce portals with great landing pages designed to attract
A large-scale skepticism is seen among masses whenever the rise of Artificial Intelligence is spoken about. In his book, ‘The
Majority of the hotel bookings today are done online and guest reviews are one of the key consideration for travelers
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In the ultra-competitive retail sector, traditional sources of decision-making – such as sales history, and executives’ experience and intuition –
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