Unlocking Business Growth through Data Integration and Real-Time Sales Forecasting:
A Case Study

The Story

Our client is a renowned US-based provider of health and wellness testing products and services. They aimed to achieve sales growth through real-time sales insights that enabled them to send timely purchase reminders to their customers.


However, they faced a substantial challenge ‚Äď the lack of a unified data source stemming from the use of dual CRMs, NetSuite and Close.io, which led to data duplication and operational intricacies. Therefore, they partnered with us to devise a solution.


Algoscale engineered a robust data integration solution for seamless CRM data transfer and harnessed the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to ensure highly accurate future sales predictions.

The Impact?










Streamlined CRM Synchronization
Real-Time Sales Forecasting
Streamlined Operations

Ready to achieve sales growth through real-time sales insights?

Breaking down the building process-
The Challenge

In the competitive healthcare industry, sales thrive when customer engagement is boosted by timely purchase reminders.


However, our client encountered a significant roadblock in achieving this essential goal. The obstacle was rooted in their complex CRM infrastructure. Using multiple, incompatible CRMs (NetSuite and Close.io) led to data duplication, hindering data quality, governance, and future sales predictions. The client sought a solution to streamline CRM data and ensure a single source of truth, enabling sales growth through effective customer engagement.

Our Path to the Solution

Algoscale devised a solution that was structured and clear:


  • Data Integration: Our experts leveraged Apache Airflow to construct a robust data integration system, connecting the two CRMs and seamlessly integrating it with the client’s existing backend infrastructure. This ensured smooth data flow and consolidation.
  • CRM Synchronization: We used Django and PHP to seamlessly synchronize the NetSuite and Close.io CRMs, ensuring that entries made in one CRM were reflected in both systems. This synchronization simplified data management and promoted real-time consistency.
  • Data Enrichment and Forecasting: Algoscale’s specialists enriched data from third-party sources and applied cutting-edge machine learning and analytics to various data points such as client lists, purchase histories, and institutional attributes. This method empowered precise sales forecasting, with outcomes sophisticatedly displayed on an intuitive dashboard.

Tech Stack

Paving the way to Success
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