Automating Construction Proposal Workflows Using AI:
A Case Study

The Story

The construction industry, traditionally slow to adopt technology, has witnessed a recent surge in digitalization, resulting in enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Our client, a leader in construction AI technology, engaged us to automate intricate construction workflows, particularly in the critical domain of proposal development.


Renowned for their pioneering AI solutions in the construction supply chain, our client’s objective was to enhance productivity by simplifying construction procedures. Together, we developed an AI-driven SaaS platform that streamlined construction proposal generation, positioning them as industry innovators.

The Impact?

55 %

Time Savings in

Construction Proposal Generation

0 X

Per Annum in

Labour Savings

Greater Productivity

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Breaking down the building process-
The Challenge

The construction industry grapples with time-consuming processes and the labor-intensive collection of vital data. Our client had a bold vision: to simplify. They required a solution that accelerated construction proposal development, produced precise project records, and addressed broader challenges within the construction workflow.

Our Path to the Solution

At Algoscale, we orchestrated a comprehensive digitalization effort to build an efficient SaaS platform with clear functionality. Our approach included:


  • AI-informed Web Crawler: Our experts began with developing an AI web crawler using computer vision to analyze designers’ specs, identify optimal construction material matches, and provide strategic insights to distributors.
  • Building a centralized repository: Next, we built a centralized repository for construction datasheets, continually expanding with new data.
  • OCR Technology: We leveraged OCR technology for automated data extraction, streamlining storage and retrieval while eliminating manual data entry.
  • Custom Modules: Developed modules to standardize the creation of construction proposals through predefined formats and templates.
  • Workflow automation: The comprehensive solution automated workflows while offering a user-friendly interface for construction proposal creation and customization via APIs. It included collaboration and version control features, significantly enhancing overall efficiency.

Tech Stack

Paving the way to Success
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