Maximizing Advertising ROI with Data Warehousing & Analytics:
A Case Study

The Story

Our client, a renowned Italy-based marketing firm, stands as a stalwart in the Advertising Resource Management (ARM) industry, orchestrating omnichannel advertising across 16 channels and an annual ad spend exceeding $200 million.


Yet, they faced a formidable challenge: handling vast data from diverse sources.


To tackle this, they engaged us to develop a robust data warehouse and pipeline. This transformation delivered actionable insights, scalability, and real-time responsiveness, positioning them for success in the data-driven advertising landscape.

The Impact?

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Breaking down the building process-
The Challenge

Our client provides an innovative platform that leverages AI and automation for advertising. The platform generates vast data volumes from diverse sources that require effective gathering, analysis, and transformation.


To meet this demand, our client sought a fully managed data pipeline. Key business requirements included:

  • Actionable real-time insights with ML and AI
  • Seamlessly processing diverse data types
  • Establishing a single data source
  • Real-time analysis of extensive datasets
Our Path to the Solution

At Algoscale, we provided a solution that was structured and clear:

  • Data Infrastructure: Our experts engineered a data warehouse, robust ETL pipelines, and data lakes to handle the analysis of campaign performance data.
  • Data Integration: Data from a staggering 16 platforms, including Facebook, DV360, Email, and Google Campaign Manager, was seamlessly ingested into the system, totaling around 50GB per day.
  • Backend Application Development: Our team developed high-performance backend applications using Scala, Java, and Python. These applications were deployed with precision into the client‚Äôs workflow, enabling them to harness the power of data effectively.

Tech Stack

Paving the way to Success
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