Driving Marketing Efficiency with Data Warehouse Automation:
A Case Study

The Story

Marketing companies often grapple with issues like data silos, where information from various sources remains disparate and uncoordinated. This fragmented approach hampers their ability to gain a comprehensive view of marketing performance, incurring not only time and effort but also the potential loss of valuable insights.


Recognizing these challenges, our client, a US-based marketing agency for corporate and Fortune 500 clients, sought our specialized expertise. They required a solution to transform their data management and reporting, aiming for greater efficiency and deeper insights to empower their marketing strategies.

The Impact?

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Breaking down the building process-
The Challenge

Our client sought to automate weekly reports by integrating data from multiple partners. The existing manual reporting and data silos drained time and resources, obstructing quick access to critical metrics like CAC, ROI, and ROAS. The goal was to streamline processes and empower creative marketing strategies.

Our Path to the Solution

Algoscale devised a comprehensive solution structured for utmost efficiency.


  • Data Integration: Our experts began with building custom data pipelines to seamlessly extract and integrate data from diverse sources, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Shopify, and Instagram.
  • Data Warehouse Creation: We established a central data repository, facilitating efficient data storage and retrieval. Apart from the flexibility of storage, the warehouse also enabled quick access to historical data for cross-channel analytics.
  • Secure Custom Dashboard: A tailored dashboard and user-management system ensured secure access and simplified data utilization.
  • Multi-Agency Usability: The solution was designed to serve multiple agencies simultaneously, amplifying its scalability and usability.

Tech Stack

Paving the way to Success
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