Developed an E-messaging platform for a Smart City Project

Developed an E-messaging platform for a Smart City Project

E-messaging platform for a Smart City Project



Industry Challenge/ Challenges

To fully exist and develop, a Smart City requires “smart” residents that are engaged, informed, and involved in the happenings. The SPVs, incorporated for the implementation of smart city projects, design, assess, approve, and release money for Smart City development initiatives, as well as implement, administer, operate, monitor, and evaluate them.

  • Information
    A fitting platform to dispose of and issue information is necessary to keep the citizen informed about the news and articles being published.
  • Accessibility
    With PWAs, users are able to access all information and capabilities without having to download a mobile app, with the appearance and functionality of an app. 
  • CMS
    A proper CMS in the backend is vital so that developers can make changes to the backend without impacting content publication.

Problem Statement

  • To come up with a solution that integrates various sources of data into providing users with a unified way to view public information, such as news, events and articles.

Our Solution

  • We created a lean and a low network tolerant PWA (Progressive Web App) which is geared towards providing public information about important news and events to the users.
  • The PWA could be assessed on both mobile and desktop platforms (and could be installed as an app for Android).
  • In addition, the client was provided with a proper CMS in the backend for content creation,analysis and other miscellaneous functions.


Tech Stack


Business Impact

  • Our unified solution eliminates the need for multiple third-party platforms to broadcast important information to the users. A notification is delivered to the users whenever a new event or article is added, in order to keep them informed.
  • The PWA provides the people of a remote city in India with an unparalleled opportunity to learn about emerging trends in the city’s e-mobility business and network with like-minded individuals. 
  • With the solution, Algoscale was able to provide users with real-time integration of unstructured data into a more unified and secure data view. 

Developed an E-messaging platform for a Smart City Project

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