Enabling Green Mobility Adoption in a Smart City:
A Case Study

The Story

In the ever-evolving landscape of smart cities, promoting green mobility and sustainable transportation is essential. A smart city must empower its residents with the latest, real-time information on the emerging trends in the city’s e-mobility sector.


Our client, a specialist in tailored energy efficiency and design solutions, with a successful track record spanning over 250 projects across multiple countries, sought our expertise.


Their challenge was clear: create a robust platform for residents in a remote Indian city to stay well-informed about the burgeoning green mobility movement. Together, we built a platform that seamlessly bridged this gap, fostering an informed urban community, while shaping a greener and sustainable cityscape.

The Impact?

Enhanced information access
Streamlined communication
Real-time notifications
Increased citizen satisfaction

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Breaking down the building process-
The Challenge

The challenge was to establish a streamlined and effective means of connecting a remote Indian city’s residents with essential public information, particularly in the context of e-mobility.


The client wanted to bridge the information gap between the various stakeholders, and at the same time, have a platform that ensured accessibility and ease of use for the city’s diverse population.

Our Path to the Solution

At Algoscale, we developed a comprehensive and empowering solution tailored to drive the city’s green mobility initiative.

  • Versatile Digital Platform with Admin and User Dashboards: Our team developed a versatile digital platform with a twofold approach: an admin dashboard, enabling city administrators to disseminate e-mobility information, and a user dashboard, designed as a Progressive Web App for real-time access to e-mobility information.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Our solution offered cross-platform accessibility, enabling users to access the PWA on mobile, desktop, and Android devices.
  • Content Management System (CMS): At its core, our solution featured a resilient CMS. This engine not only streamlined content creation and analysis but also nurtured a digital community within the city, connecting residents and fostering shared e-mobility knowledge.
  • Capacity Building: The solution offered a treasure trove of training materials and resources. These assets empowered stakeholders, from manufacturers to educators, to actively contribute to the green mobility transformation, enhancing understanding and engagement.

Tech Stack

Paving the way to Success

Our comprehensive solution led to tangible improvements for the green mobility initiative, including:

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