Real-Time Analytics for a Leading SaaS Pioneer:
A Case Study

The Story

With billions of transactions flowing through our client’s global ecosystem, the capacity for real-time analytics isn’t merely an advantage ‚Äď it’s an imperative. Real-time analytics empowers swift, informed decision-making and success in an agile, data-driven world.


Our client, a global leader serving 45,000+ brands in 60 countries, adeptly manages an astonishing 10 billion monthly transactions. Yet, a pivotal challenge emerged: the transformation of this vast transactional data into actionable insights. That’s where we stepped in, crafting a bespoke solution.


Together, we laid the foundation for a robust data warehouse, automated intricate data pipelines, and meticulously improved the data loading process. The outcome was nothing short of transformative, fundamentally reshaping their operations.

The Impact?

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Higher Engagement
Higher Customer Satisfaction
Report Accuracy Improved

Ready to tap into your data’s complete potential and drive strategic decision-making?

Breaking down the building process-
The Challenge

The primary challenge revolved around effectively managing and deriving valuable insights from a colossal volume of 10 billion monthly transactions within our client’s global ecosystem.


This required the implementation of real-time analytics for informed decision-making and optimizing the existing data infrastructure to reduce costs. Ensuring data accuracy and report reliability was another key aspect of the challenge.

Our Path to the Solution

At Algoscale, we crafted a clear and well-structured solution.

  • Data Warehouse Creation: Implemented a scalable Amazon Redshift data warehouse to handle and process the enormous transactional data volume efficiently.
  • Infrastructure Optimization: Optimized the existing data infrastructure to reduce costs while accommodating the substantial data load.
  • Automated Data Pipelines: Developed and automated data pipelines to streamline data transfer and ensure up-to-date information.
  • Business Intelligence: Leveraged Tableau for business intelligence, creating intuitive dashboards for quick access and enhanced data accuracy.
  • Security Measures: Implemented security features, such as row-level security (RLS), to ensure authorized user access and protect sensitive information.

Tech Stack

Paving the way to Success
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