Instant Background
Removal Tool

Experience AssemblAI: The Next-Gen Instant Background Removal Tool

Use Algoscale’s AssemblAI to instantly remove backgrounds from images.

Remove bg on several images at once, and unleash productivity.

Instant. 100% Automated


Erase Backgrounds with Ease and Accuracy

Our state-of-the-art AI-powered tool removes backgrounds from even the trickiest objects such as hair, fur, or any other intricate edges, with ease and high accuracy. This background image remover tool instantly detects the subject in every photo, giving you high-quality cut-outs.

Turn Your Boring Images into Art

Create a transparent background to transform your congested image into striking art with our specialised instant background removal tool. Highlight the subject of the image or even place it on a colored backdrop in a completely new environment to create outstanding imagery.

Quick Workflow Integration with Simple API

Bring enhanced digital efficiency to your existing workflows with our API. Integrate it with just a few lines of code and start removing backgrounds at scale instantly.

Cloud-hosted: Scalable and Dependable

Whether you need to remove image background from 10 images in a month or 10,000, our fully-managed services lets you do just that. With us, you don’t have to worry about scalability or infrastructure.

How to Use AssemblAI?



Select the image for background removal. Ensure there are no overlapping edges.



Upload the image to let our tool automatically remove the background in an instant.



Download the new image with a transparent background in PNG format. Click to save, share, or continue editing.

Experience Greater Creativity and Efficiency with AI Image Background Remover Tool

AssemblAI makes image creation simple, time-saving, and fun. Whether it is for individual photo editing or to power your next eCommerce presentation, our instant background remover tool is all you need to get your preferred result.

Get ready to realize ideas, unleash creativity, and unlock business potential.



Selling products online?

A clean or transparent background makes your product stand out. Use our photo background remover to optimize your product image and elevate your catalogs to the next level.


Are you a startup organization struggling to hire a full-time graphic designer? Use our image background remover tool to process your brand assets and make your visuals look particularly spectacular.

Media Persons

Save your production’s time and manage complex image preparation with utmost ease. Photo editors and graphic designers can experiment with alluring backgrounds for better emphasis.


Spend your time taking pictures instead of editing them. Forget about those chroma-keying environments and those ideally tuned lighting conditions. Just shoot where you are and use our photo background remover for that perfect background.


Don’t have those Photoshop skills?Now remove backgrounds with just a single click. Add new backgrounds to get your exceptional profile picture ready within seconds.

Car Dealers

Looking to optimize your car photos to sell better?
Use our instant background remover tool to showcase your inventory with clean, crisp, and consistent images that make your vehicle shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our instant background remover tool uses smart AI technology to erase backgrounds. It intelligently reconstructs the area behind the erased item, helping you create the perfect scene.
The maximum size and output resolution supported is 5,000 x 5,000 px and 25MB.
Yes, AssemblAI allows you to batch process your images in real time. You can upload multiple image URLs for background removal at once, resulting in unparalleled efficiency.