5 latest computer vision technologies that will spark off breakthrough research in 2021

5 latest computer vision technologies that will spark off breakthrough research in 2021


Computer vision which is popularly called the virtual eye of intelligent systems has witnessed great strides in recent times. Credit goes to the latest machine learning techniques that have been able to automate tasks that were not possible before. This art of visual cognition has helped in interpreting pictures and fundamentally understanding the dynamics of machine intelligence powered by artificial intelligence. The computer vision systems that are powered by artificial intelligence have the power to interpret information that is in a raw and segregated format. Computer vision services have changed the way we understand visual computing. This article is an attempt to give glimpses of computer vision technologies that will spark off major changes in the 21st century in general and in 2021.

Edge computing

With the advent of cloud computing, it was realized that the age of computational technology had reached its zenith. However, we equipped ourselves with edge computing that not only reduced the latency but also increased the rate of processing data.

The best thing about edge computing is that it accumulates the information from the cloud and internet so that minor changes can be incorporated for optimizing the processing capabilities of the system. That said, there may emerge a contingency situation where the internet and the cloud services are disrupted, and our processing capabilities are put to a sudden halt. To avoid this contingency situation, edge computing comes to our rescue. It is a process that can handle the issues of network shutdown and latency with a lot of ease. It has also been observed that most devices are to be fitted in locations when network connectivity is a major problem. As such, this affects most systems that are either malfunctioning without internet or are not functioning at their full capacity. Edge computing can not only handle problems but can also maintain the security of data in the case of cloud computing. In addition to this, edge computing enables the computer vision sources to make minor adjustments in real-time and even utilize the power of cloud computing for deep analysis.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence or emotional artificial intelligence makes use of computer vision services to analyze facial expressions and eye movements to get an insight into individual emotional dilemmas. There are a lot of startups that are making use of the facial expression of a sample population to generate emotion graphs. Such type of information related to the emotions of a population is very much valuable for e-commerce tech giants. This type of emotional information allows e-commerce tech companies to target their products to the right audience at the right time. This emotional intelligence also serves as a storehouse of sentiment analysis and sensitive knowledge discovery.

Virtual vision

Virtual Vision is a precursor to embedded vision and utilizes the power of image capturing and image processing for effective analysis. This computer vision service has found numerous applications in modern times. Ranging from systems performing inspection services to powering drones, embedded vision is expanding briskly in the age of the fourth industrial revolution.

Merged reality

After virtual reality and augmented reality, the phenomena of merged reality became the new normal. It had characteristics of both augmented reality and virtual reality. This technology was able to simulate a real environment in a 3D virtual world by the utilization of computer vision services. The scope of applications that came under the umbrella of merged reality also witnessed expansion. Ranging from climate forecasting and visualization to the simulation of modern game ecosystems, merged reality started to show its prowess.


CVaaS stands for computer vision as a service. This is a type of service that is hosted in the cloud environment. It enables the companies to do away with the complex process of constructing the computer vision platform. It provides on-demand access to advanced algorithms and application programming interfaces at a very affordable cost. In addition to this, computer vision services are also available to the extent needed by the companies. It is important to mention that computer vision would be an essential component in the present times for speeding up automation processes.

Concluding remarks

The computer vision technologies which we mentioned in this article have a great power to spark off breakthrough research in the twenty-first century in general and in the year 2021. So, there is an urgent need to promote these technologies so that we become the real beneficiaries of computer vision services.

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