How Retailers Can Utilise the Full Potential of Enterprise Data using Azure?

How Retailers Can Utilise the Full Potential of Enterprise Data using Azure?

Enterprise data is the most crucial component in the retail industry. It provides key business insights that enable retailers to make informed business decisions. And equally imperative is the need to obtain and share these insights in the most cost-effective way. This is where Microsoft Azure for retail comes into play. 


In today’s blog, we will understand all about Microsoft Azure. We will also discuss how Azure can help retailers manage and analyze their enterprise data from a single place, thus breaking down all data silos. So, let’s begin. 


Utilizing Enterprise Data to Boost Sales and Improve Customer Experience 

Retail organizations now have access to more data than ever before. This data powers an agile, personalized, and omnichannel experience that every customer wants. Using this data, retailers can understand who their customers are, what they prefer, how they shop, how they engage, etc., and use the information to build effective strategies to serve and retain them. 


In recent years, especially after the global pandemic, analytics in the retail industry has become increasingly significant. Here are some key applications for analyzing large sets of enterprise data in retail:

  • Demand forecasting: By evaluating sales history and data, retailers can better forecast future demand and plan their inventory accordingly.¬†
  • Meeting dynamic customer expectations: Assessing enterprise data can help retailers understand shifting consumer behavior and preferences so they can adjust their offerings accordingly.¬†
  • Trend analysis: Enterprise data management can help retailers obtain a pulse on market sentiments and identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities.¬†
  • Personalizing customer experience: Data can enable retail organizations to analyze how customers shop and use this information to facilitate a seamless customer experience. Everything from selecting a product to purchasing it, data can ensure personalized attention to every customer. And this, in turn, can enhance customer loyalty.¬†


Enterprise data management can help retail businesses identify trends and patterns to boost sales and improve operations. Apart from the aforementioned applications, they can use the data to optimize their supply chain and mitigate risk, personalize marketing through audience segmentation, and even undertake competitive analysis. 


Using Microsoft Azure for Enterprise Data 

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. Azure offers a vast category of cloud services including storage, analytics, and networking. Currently, 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure for managing their data infrastructure. 


One of the most prominent benefits of Microsoft Azure is that it offers businesses centralized management of data warehouses and data lakes. It provides a unified workspace for data preparation, data warehousing, data management, and several Big Data and AI tasks.

enterprise data management


Some of the top benefits of using Azure for enterprise data warehouse are as follows:

  • Fast-track Analytics and Reporting: The platform reduces all manual effort for gathering and building reports. Besides, the instant scalability and flexibility translate to zero downtime with workload variations.
  • Improved BI & Data Visualization: An enterprise data warehouse powered by Azure seamlessly integrates with PowerBI, making the tracking and reporting of key metrics quick and easy.
  • Enhanced Scaling Capabilities: Since Azure is a cloud-based service, it allows business managers to view, organize, and perform queries on relational and non-relational data much faster than any other on-premise tool. In other words, it allows you to effectively manage hundreds of concurrent systems and users.


All these benefits make Microsoft Azure for retail an ideal choice. The platform enables retailers to use their data much more securely, productively, and efficiently by assembling insights from multiple data sources. Let us look at some practical real-world use cases of Azure for the retail industry. 


Use omni channel optimization: Azure enables retailers to elevate the customer’s shopping experience by offering a cohesive experience across all touchpoints. This, in turn, helps to boost customer engagement and increase conversions. 


Personalized recommendations: Microsoft Azure ingests, cleans, processes, and explores data about the customers to successfully extract actionable insights. These insights are then used by retailers to deliver highly personalized and relevant offerings. Retailers can easily map out customer journeys and understand their preferences by consolidating data from varied sources and refining them in real time. 


Build a sustainable and future-ready supply chain: Retailers can use the Azure platform to connect data across the business ecosystem and develop an agile and resilient supply chain. They can leverage end-to-end analytics to eradicate silos and boost vendor collaboration with quick sharing of inventory data. 


Real-World Use Cases of Microsoft Azure for Enterprise Data Management

Today, several big-ticket retailers are using Azure to reshape their retail experiences. Walmart, for instance, has chosen Microsoft as its strategic cloud provider. The retail organization is capitalizing on Azure’s computing capacity to seamlessly manage workloads in a flexible environment while optimizing cost. 


Microsoft Azure enables Walmart to leverage new and powerful toolsets to boost the rate of innovation. It allows the retail giant to make its supply chain much more efficient as well as deliver personalized customer experiences. It is even driving improvement and greater efficiency in Walmart’s operations. 


For instance, the company uses the platform to connect its HVAC and refrigeration units to preserve energy and fulfill sustainability goals. ML boosts the routing of hundreds of trucks in the supply chain. And lastly, Azure also simplifies the administration and management of a vast and diverse IT estate. 


Wrapping Up

Global disruptions have heightened the need for digital transformation in the retail industry. With Microsoft Azure, retailers are being empowered to use a data-driven approach and deliver seamless retail experiences to customers. 


At Algoscale, we are ready to assist you to realise the business benefits of Azure. Our long-standing experience and expertise and a profound understanding of Azure tools make us a trusted partner for implementing Azure for retail.

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