Real-time Insights with Augmented Analytics

Real-time Insights with Augmented Analytics


Real-time insights are the tools, or you can say strategy with the help of which we can make decisions quickly. These decisions are on the basis of mathematics, statistics, and correlation between the data that has been provided to the system. There are some models which take a lot of time and provide late results and in the same way, there are some other kinds of models that can make decisions as quickly as on the arrival of the new data, and on the basis of this data the pattern and decisions which have to be taken is determined within the few moments, in this way there will not be any delay from the model’s side to making a decision. Such models also improve themselves by continuously sending feedback back to the system so that they can check whether the decision is fair or not. In this way, a robust, reliable, and complete model can be formed. The decision-making ability based on real-time data can be improved as data has been provided to the system. To better understand the real-time data let’s take a look at the examples related to the real-time insights. These examples are basically logging files, weather data or predicted weather data, e-commerce, geolocation of people, server activity, etc. 


Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics is a term used for using machine learning, and artificial intelligence-based tools for data insight in order to make better decisions. With the help of this approach, the agent has used NLP or AI-based analysis in order to automate the analysis that has been already working on some data. In this way, we can get better results as such techniques have better accuracy and more realistic results as compared to the ones which are observed manually. In another piece of literature, data augmented is defined as, the AI-based technique used for data segmentation, data augmentation, and data analytics is known as augmented analytics. The main purpose of using augmented analytics is because, on the basis of this tool, one can remove the complexity in the large-scale data. By removing the complexity, we can reach a point where there is no confusion for the model or the system to take decisions. In this way, it becomes easier for the machine to take decisions and to prepare reports for the user for insights into the data which is initially very complex to observe. In the same way, augmented decision-making is also an important subfield of data augmentation. It is simply described as when the OT environment provides the true data i.e., data without any hindrance, to the IT system this becomes the augmented decision-making data which means this data is better and has lesser errors as compared to the one which is coming earlier. 


Applications of Real-Time Insights with Augmented Analytics

By using the data augmentation technique on real-time data, we can get better results. While working on this, the tool speeds up the steps that are being used in the analysis of the data that has been provided to the system. With the help of this tool, we can get high-speed analysis, which is cleaner and has higher levels of insight in this way better data results can be obtained. There are some examples where this technique has been implemented are shown as follows. 

  • Big industries like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram based on your likes provides you with the data that you want to watch or are interested in watching. Like a person, who likes most posts from a footballer, then he will see the ads related to sports merchandise, videos related to recent matches, stats related to football, etc.¬†
  • There are factories where humans, workers, or engineers supervised the automation of a factory is an example of augmented decision making as well. In this scenario, the decision is being fabricated by human intervention as well.¬†
  • Another daily life example for engineers is the predictive maintenance of the industry based on the human results, log sheets, and previous history of the last maintenance.¬†
  • Stock exchanges, having supercomputers installed inside them have also used this tool in order to share the change in the price of the stocks based on effective buying and selling within seconds.¬†
  • For DL Mode (Distance Learning), the virtual tutors and assistants are another example as they also compile your results based on your class performances as well.¬†


Advantages of Augmented Analysis

A lot of benefits can be extracted from such tools. A few of them are discussed in the following points. 

  • It provides more agility to the companies as they get results on their real-time data. In this way, they can find which kind of processes, steps, or decisions benefits the company, and which one harms us.
  • By using such techniques, the analytics can get access to the data. Augmented analytics technique is not only a completely automated technique but also welcomes input from humans as well in this way better results can be generated as well.¬†
  • This technique or tool is a better option to speed up decision making and with the passage of time effective decision-making can be achieved hence better results and predictions can be obtained as well.¬†
  • Data augmentation works on real-time data which is the reason that it takes lesser time and changes the decisions accordingly after observing the patterns that are coming in the form of data.¬†
  • Finally, the most important point in data augmentation is that it reduces the cost as lesser computational power is required.¬†



Our experts at Algoscale employ a range of tools and algorithms to compile and process the analytical findings into actionable and real-time insights in the form of easy-to-grasp dashboards, reports, graphs, charts, and more to serve the users with comprehensive intelligence regarding the business concerned. One of the top data analytics companies, Algoscale provides real-time monitoring, enhanced product delivery, and data-driven insights to assist in the transformation of your business and the acquisition of a competitive edge. Utilize the full potential of your most precious asset, data, with the help of our data analytics solutions!

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