The Need for AI in Video Surveillance

The Need for AI in Video Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a technology that brings human intelligence to conventional devices. And when it comes to security or surveillance, there’s no doubt AI is having a vast impact on it. We’ve depended on various resources, built solutions, and adopted technology for decades, but still there was a loophole in the whole surveillance system. Humans cannot monitor a system for 24/7 and due to this human limitations in vigilantly monitoring video surveillance live footage, artificial intelligence was developed to better serve the role.

Video surveillance is now widely used all over the world. It has been popular in a variety of businesses, from hospitals to warehouses. The modern world of security and surveillance is changing, and consumers’ interactions with their security systems are significantly changing as a result of AI-enabled video analytics. As a result of recent advancements, AI-based video security has become more powerful and accurate as a result. In short, you can say that CCTV cameras now have digital brains thanks to AI-based video surveillance.

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The Need for AI in Video Surveillance

Artificial intelligence for surveillance videos leverages techniques and software to evaluate the audio and images from security cameras in order to recognise individuals, vehicles, objects, traits, and events. Humans engaged in routine tasks have a directed attention capacity of up to 20 minutes, according to studies, after which their attention span begins to decline. From better sensors to higher-resolution cameras to more efficient processing units, we’re seeing an unprecedented convergence of technology and software.


Video surveillance systems give a comprehensive analysis of the live feed with live surveillance, assisting in the prevention of criminal acts. Video surveillance with low-resolution cameras produces poor video quality. Operators, on the other hand, can acquire valuable insights by improving unclear footage using artificial intelligence techniques. Regardless of the object, facial, or camera resolution, AI makes the identification procedure simple. It generates enormous amounts of data. Monitoring and filtering through such large amounts of data makes it more difficult than ever to effectively identify security problems and gather proof. Intelligent systems that use Deep Learning can help us find evidence much faster and analyze footage in real time to inform system operators of suspected events, resulting in better security program results.

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The Need for AI-Based Video Surveillance for Businesses

When you walk into an office building or other commercial property nowadays, the first thing you’ll see is a CCTV surveillance sign board. Going to any place, maybe stores or malls, video cameras have become commonplace. Certain critical and notable occurrences may go undetected or missed because these systems demand the complete attention and focus of human resources. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play.


In surveillance, AI works on the same principle. Machine learning (ML) algorithms are programmed to detect, classify, and characterize different objects or people using stored data, video footage, and surveillance camera footage. These AI-powered systems may be embedded into a company’s security system to automate visitor tracking, restricted object recognition, employee monitoring, and other key data. For example, where remote surveillance is critical, such as warehouses and factories, AI can automatically flash security lights and generate alerts to warn operators if it detects something unusual.

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Benefits of AI CCTV Cameras for Business Surveillance

  1. Surveillance Around The Clock
    24/7 video surveillance is very important for a business. However, it demands many employee shifts to provide continuous monitoring, which most businesses cannot afford. Hence, companies can overcome these obstacles and maintain continuous monitoring with the help of artificial intelligence. It necessitates many employee shifts to provide continuous monitoring, which most businesses cannot afford.
  2. Improved Accuracy
    Video analytics-enabled surveillance systems analyze video footage in real time and discover unusual activities that could jeopardize an organization’s security. Anomalies, such as a person entering a restricted area or strange activity, are detected by AI and reported to the system. Another example is the amount of space available in a parking lot. While there are millions of parking lots around the world, only a small percentage are mechanized. Using CCTV data, AI examines whether a car has paid the parking fee and enables it to enter the parking lot. Simultaneously, it gives statistical data on the number of vehicles that entered, how long they stayed, and other information.
  3. Reduced Expenses
    Businesses can not only save money by saving security employees from real- time video screen monitoring, but they can also eliminate false alarms caused by user mistakes or superficial triggers like animals or flashlights.
  4. Adaptable Setups
    Earlier, most security systems just included motion sensors that sent out notifications when a certain percentage of pixels on a screen changed. You don’t have to compromise with AI now. Intelligent systems can detect any motion, maybe that of humans or animals, and trigger alerts based on the programmed systems.
  5. Video Search Capabilities
    The biggest challenge a human resource faces is extracting and viewing CCTV video footage of an exact duration. This work can now be completed in minutes thanks to artificial intelligence. Humans have a finite attention span and memory, while technology has no such limitations. Businesses are using the power of AI to make video footage search as simple as using internet search engines.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next evolution in security and surveillance. Technology has advanced in recent years and is expected to continue to improve in terms of reliability, accuracy, and power. Businesses can reap the benefits of an AI-based security system to automate and transit surveillance into an intelligent security system capable of ensuring improved levels of safety, precision, and cost-effectiveness.


If you’re interested in learning more about how this solution and its benefits can benefit your organization, schedule a free consultation session with one of our AI specialists and let’s talk about how our services can help make your business secure. Algoscale has vast experience in providing computer vision development services in the USA to help their clients gain useful insights and improve business decision-making. Our team of experts will help you to select the right platform, develop applications, integrate cameras, and improve process efficiency by embedding with other systems.

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