Top Server-Side Languages And Frameworks In 2022

Top Server-Side Languages And Frameworks In 2022

In the past decades or past few years there are many languages and frameworks that are being used in top servers. A person should is interested in this field must have at least basic knowledge of these languages like python, JavaScript, PHP, Kotlin, etc. The most important language that has been used in different devices mostly android or windows operated is Java. According to an estimate, there are more than 3 billion devices that used Java as an operating mechanism. In this article, a comprehensive study related to different languages and frameworks is listed. The data obtained from different research articles and websites are enlisted with the pros and cons of each of the languages and frameworks depending on the opinion of the author.


According to a source (10 Frameworks Software Developers Can Learn in 2022 ‚Äď DEV Community, 2022), the author stated that Java is the top server language. The most commonly used frameworks of Java are Node.Js, Spring Boot, and React. The reason behind choosing spring boot is it is easy to use, and it helps to create standalone websites. The term standalone means that there is no need to learn further frameworks if a person has a grip on spring boot as it helps to generate extensions and all that. There are many other advantages of spring boot enlisted as follows.¬†(What Is Java Spring Boot? | IBM, 2022)

  • It has the ability to access and configure third-party libraries when required. With the help of this feature, there is no need for extra extension required.
  • XML is required in almost every web configurative framework but in spring boot there is no need for XML.
  • There is no need for code generation in spring boot.


Similarly, there is another framework for JavaScript named react.js (React ‚Äď A JavaScript Library for Building User Interfaces, 2020) which is used for the graphical user interface. This framework has been used in many websites due to its high efficiency, and easy to use, and can be used in different inbuilt libraries. The basic aim and use of react.js is the view layer of mobile applications. It is a kind of front-end development as it is majorly related to the graphical user interface or the end which is viewed by the user in order to run the application. It is basically associated with the aesthetic of the app or website. Following are the attributes of react.js.

  • It is an efficient, reactive, and clear-cut framework for the graphical user interface.
  • It is very easy for beginners as compared to other related GUI-based
  • It has different small UIs named as components and the developer can easily configure each of them and can easily make GUI with good aesthetics and easy to use.
  • Help in data logging as well, can directly control or acquire the data coming from the site to our excel sheet for better understanding.
  • Most clouds used react.js for data acquiring, processing, and storing purposes.



Figure 1. A GUI made from React.JS (ReactJS Library, the View and the UI | by Eric Njanga | Medium, 2020)


Another most important and world widely used framework is node.js (Is Node JS a Framework? Learn About the Popular Platform ‚Äď Effectus Software Blog, 2020). It is used in chrome V8, and it is efficient where search engine kind of work is important. Nodejs has been widely used on different platforms. It is again also a branch of JavaScript. As mentioned earlier Java is used mostly in every android and windows-based device. Nodejs is designed for real-time and push-based architecture but with the passage of time and advancements in technology and the need of the hour, this framework has evolved rapidly. In the field of computer science and most importantly in web node js is mostly compared with PHP. There are certain reasons why node.js provide¬†an edge over simple and conventional PHP which has been used for years in web development. Some of these pros are as follows.

  • The demand for high-speed¬†applications without any interruption is a basic need of the modern world generation. So, PHP has the ability of high-speed coding but the application speed of node.js is very high.
  • js has non-blocking input and output models which provide quicker solutions when this framework is compared with conventional PHP.
  • PHP codes are slow which in turn slowdowns the applications, Facebook uses PHP, but they have their inbuilt compiler which helps to get better speed.



Figure 2. A complete guide about the architecture of Node.js (What Is Node.JS and When to Use It? A Comprehensive Guide with Examples, 2020)


For single-page applications, another framework has been used which is angular (AngularJS: Developer Guide: Introduction, 2019). Angular is managed by Google but is an open-source JavaScript framework. The main aim of angular is web augmented applications and basically is used for testing because of its high speed and accuracy. Angular provides data binding with the help of which coding becomes easy as the code becomes concise and easy. This will help both the developer and the end-user. Tensor flow (Top Five Use Cases of TensorFlow, 2019) is another JavaScript-based framework. It has mostly extensions and works related to DATA algorithms, and other basic tools related to artificial intelligence and modern-time AI. It basically worked at a large computational speed. The main tasks associated with a tensor flow are as follows.

  • Computation, to solve complex mathematics involved efficiently.
  • Understanding, understand what has been demanded by the user and on the basis of training provide a solution.
  • Discovery, to discover new, easy, and efficient ways to provide solutions
  • Prediction, to predict users‚Äô demand (an example is Google searching)
  • Creation, to create feasible solutions that work both ways.

As discussed, earlier tensor flow is very reliable for machine learning-based work. Complex neural network kinds of tasks run very smoothly with the tensor flow. With the help of tensor flow reliable tasks of CNN and computer vision can now be operated on your PCs even with small computational speed. (TensorFlow CNN ‚Äď Run: AI, 2020)

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