Use Cases of AI in 2021: Breakthroughs in digital transformation with design thinking and product engineering

Use Cases of AI in 2021: Breakthroughs in digital transformation with design thinking and product engineering

Introduction ‚Äď AI product engineering

The accelerated technological progress has exposed us to such tools of AI that we had not seen before. This tremendous progress in technology can be attributed to the pace at which artificial intelligence has taken off. The novel innovations in industries that we are experiencing in the present times are a direct outcome of AI product engineering.


The Statistical lens

There is no doubt in the fact that artificial intelligence has been the most important factor behind digital transformation. It is important to analyze this through a statistical lens. More than 75% of organizations are planning to increase their investment in artificial intelligence-powered products. About 35% of marketing companies are using artificial intelligence in one or the other form. About 40% of the telecommunication sectors are using artificial intelligence in their grievance redressal systems. Out of this 40%, more than 20% are using AI-powered chatbots to resolve the semantic difficulties that customers are facing. It has also been observed that 45% of labor productivity is related to a rise if the gaps between man and machine power are resolved.


Digital transformation with design thinking and product engineering

Artificial intelligence has directly led to digital transformation which has, in turn, led to design thinking and advancements in product engineering. There have been several innovations in computational studies which have charged the research atmosphere pertaining to AI product engineering. The developments in automated and embedded systems have simplified our workflow processes. Such developments in embedded systems have led to novel research trends, thereby paving the way for the accelerated performance of various products. The variations in designs and accuracy in output even when the sample set is large enough is a consequence of design thinking and product engineering.


Retail analytics

Artificial intelligence has numerous operations when it comes to retail operations. For instance, the complexity of computational processes can be resolved with the help of advanced algorithms that help in the implementation of even the most complex retail processes. The power of artificial intelligence tools can be leveraged to provide seamless customer interaction and a smooth user experience. In addition to this, artificial intelligence is extremely useful when it comes to the promotion of merchandise and management of assortments.


Medical sciences

The design and development of novel products related to medical science would not have been possible without the help of artificial intelligence. Be it the handling and management of medical records or the analysis of various medical examinations, the products of artificial intelligence have been a unanimous answer to all our woes. Next in line is qualitative decision-making in medical sciences and artificial intelligence is aiding in this process by harvesting the power of sample information to make timely decisions.



Artificial Intelligence and product engineering have given rise to a line of resources that can substantially improve pedagogy. This has great potential to increase the knowledge base of both the learner and the teacher. Various case studies related to pedagogy have shown that artificial intelligence has a great capacity to improve our educational infrastructure and related resources. Artificial intelligence-powered learning systems are especially important in a time when the entire educational domain is undergoing a paradigm technological shift.



The concept of fintech has been popularized by the World Bank in the recent past. Data scientists have refined this concept and promoted the use of artificial intelligence in financial and technological corporations while simultaneously taking the help of advanced algorithms. This has proved to be helpful in generating insights and preventing various types of cybercrimes like fraud detection and money laundering.


Security Shield

Artificial intelligence helps in the analysis of different kinds of threats and decreases the time taken to respond to various kinds of cyberattacks. Artificial intelligence-powered devices also sound a warning when they encounter any flaws in the workflow of a process that might be precursors to a major data breach. Modern firms are using artificial intelligence-powered systems to boost their cybersecurity infrastructure by identifying different kinds of viruses and malware in potential data sets.


Concluding remarks

There is no doubt in the fact that the novel innovations of artificial intelligence are leading to great breakthroughs in digital transformation. This is significantly influencing product engineering and design thinking. As such, the next generation of companies is significantly investing in artificial intelligence resources to better the levels of growth and productivity in the times to come.

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