AI Transforming The Construction Industry with a SaaS-based platform

AI Transforming The Construction Industry with a SaaS-based platform

AI Transforming The Construction Industry with a SaaS-based platform



Industry Challenge/ Challenges

A contractor or subcontractor prepares and sends submittals to show and explain how they plan to do a part of the project’s work. These construction submittals are designed to reduce misunderstandings and defects that may arise during building. However, even a slight discrepancy in the submittals can hinder the whole construction timeline. Some other challenges include:


  • Time
    The existing bidding process is protracted, causing delays in providing proposals and maintaining track of multiple projects. It takes more than a week to complete a bid with correct specification sheets and model details.
  • Resources
    To browse through the websites of various manufacturers, a variety of software, skills & experience is requisite.
  • Information
    The simplest of a project will also have hundreds of submittals and, thus cobbled together in a hurry, these are jam-packed with incomplete information tossed in to meet deadlines.

Problem Statement

The current bidding procedure for submittals comes to be cumbersome, drawn-out, and resource-intensive, causing delays in the delivery of the proposal. The client envisioned a product that delves into these industry concerns by crawling particular websites on the internet and scraping data in accordance with the specifications thereby displaying results to the user.

Our Solution

  • To begin, we built a centralized repository of varied artifacts which auto grows every time a new artifact is discovered, making them readily available whenever needed.
  • Second, we focused on OCR technologies, which we modified for semi-automated operations. Thus maintaining the right balance of human touch where it’s needed the most. Following that, we constructed custom modules and designed an inbuilt submittal editor using the APIs.
  • An AI-informed web crawler of OEM tear sheets was activated by applying computer vision to parse data from designers’ specs in order to locate the best matches, provide strategic advice and competitive options to reps and distributors, and allow easy document mark-ups.






Tech Stack




Business Impact

  • Our solution enabled all stakeholders in the construction supply chain to optimize the buying and selling of materials.
  • Our bid preparation software reduced the bid preparation time by 75%, cut the cost of acquisition, and increased the number of bids that could be processed.
  • The product allows the clients to submit higher-quality bids while focusing on business development and customer service

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AI Transforming The Construction Industry with a SaaS-based platform

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