Business Intelligence: SalesForce Tableau Report Automation

Business Intelligence: SalesForce Tableau Report Automation

Industry Challenge/ Challenges

Publishing reports from the Salesforce database into excel sheets have been a common practice given its non-complexity and the users’ familiarity with spreadsheets. However, as the data grows in size, manually downloading and extracting it translates to a significant number of manual hours that can be automated.

  • Extraction
    Reports in the form of spreadsheets were extracted individually from the database to Tableau to perform further processes like creating visualizations which would take around 2 weeks to get fully discharged.
  • Expertise
    To be able to deal with the challenges involved and execute the solution, deep expertise, and understanding of the CRM system are required.
  • Entry
    A multi-layer user function for the reports was needed to be implemented to limit data access and ensure secure entry based on distinct user criteria so that the user can only see data relevant to his or her region.

Problem Statement

  • Automation of the data flow and real-time integration of the manifold and unstructured data to create a unified and compliant data set, along with multi-layer secured access to users limiting the data that a user can reach in a published view based on their user login credentials.

Our Solution

  • Algoscale started with automating the reports directly from the database to Tableau which would further be used to create visualizations like dashboards and charts. The final reports are published and maintained in Tableau Online for the employees to access.
  • A user-based automatic data filtering system was implemented to limit access and provide secured entry to the managers and associates to replace the dissipated individual entry system.
  • Our business intelligence experts used Tableau prep builder to clean, combine and manipulate the data in all forms, lying anywhere in the system, into a streamlined unified data view.¬†

Tech Stack

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Salesforce

Business Impact

  • With our expertise in the CRM systems, we were able to seamlessly integrate the scattered data into consolidated datasets and thus accelerating the daily operational performance of the client and smoothening the process altogether.
  • The report extraction process which was earlier administered fortnightly or monthly now stands live and updated in real-time without any repetition in the published data saving the time and manual efforts of the client.
  • Constructing calculated fields and parameters and applying best practices from previous dashboards could be achieved more straightforwardly with the help of the BI tools we put to practice.¬†
  • With our performance reports in effect, a considerable decrease in time and greater efficiency was observed.

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