Campaign, Pricing & Web Analytics

Campaign, Pricing & Web Analytics

Campaign, Pricing & Web Analytics

Industry Challenge/ Challenges

Staying ahead of the competition while also understanding your clients is nearly challenging. A minor lag could cost you your market position or consumers. The ability to interpret and use data offered by consumers, rivals, and partners is critical to every successful organization.

  • Campaign
    Web Analytics aids in the comprehension of campaign performance, sources and mediums employed. The ROI of campaigns can be calculated and optimized with the data obtained.
  • Conversions
    A business can detect any flaws on the site or on specific pages of the site that are causing customers to drop out of the funnel and fix the flaw to improve the conversions
  • Competitors
    An integrated approach to analytics can help the organization focus on a common set of objectives and turn data into a competitive advantage.

Problem Statement

To provide insights into identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of profitable campaigns based on purchase trends and customer behavior.

Our Solution

  • Algoscale started with a campaign analysis to determine the success rate of the various price promotion campaigns using KPIs like cart abandon rates, repeat order rates and comparisons against a historic baseline.
  • A Weekend Traffic Analysis was performed to find the rate of customer conversions based on website traffic to both websites on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
  • Competitors‚Äô site crawling, regular competitive price tracking, and campaign tracking were done to facilitate quick response to major industry events, price moves, and competitive price benchmarking.



Tech Stack


Business Impact

  • Our solution provided insights into customer purchase journeys for determining customer lifecycles, as well as competitive pricing models for developing price strategies.
  • With our analysis, the client was able to determine KPIs that aided in the identification and execution of successful campaign initiatives.
  • Targeted discounts helped in increasing the weekend conversion rate by 12%.

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Campaign, Pricing & Web Analytics

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