An end-to-end e-commerce platform to increase customer and supplier reach

An end-to-end e-commerce platform to increase customer and supplier reach

The rise of e-commerce is affecting all industries including the healthcare business. In fact, the healthcare industry is prepared to spend an estimated $32 billion on e-commerce and web services technology annually, says Goldman Sachs. That’s five times more than the $6 billion online retailers spend annually on all forms of e-commerce and services. The client wanted to help reach healthcare products to everyone. Algoscale through its expertise built an e-commerce platform with various features which helped reached customers all over India.

The Client
India’s first healthcare e-commerce company providing Medical supplies and healthcare products, founded in 2016. It brings buyers and sellers together on a common platform, allowing them to quickly and easily trade with each other.

The Challenge
One of the major problems for the e-commerce platform was cart abandonment with the average cart abandonment rate being nearly 70%, due to a multitude of reasons such as high shipping costs, complicated checkout processes, insufficient payment methods, and more. Another challenge was to have a cross-platform integration, with mobile shopping becoming an integral part of e-commerce. Tracking of shipping and delivery also posed a challenge since there were multiple delivery partners which made the task complex.

The Solution
Algoscale team leveraged its domain knowledge and built the platform user-friendly with the categorization of products under different medical industry terms with their subcategories too. For example under Cardiology, there were many subcategories such as Cardiovascular or Thoracic Retractors, Sternum Retractors, Electrocardiography EKG Units, etc which helped the customers in finding the required products easily. Also filtering by locations was added which further filtered the results.

As the shop page is the primary page on a website to display the products, all product categories, options, and standard meta/details were incorporated and sorted accordingly. Upselling of the products was also provided through recommendations of the products.

One of the unique things that Algoscale added was the Admin Panel. It enabled a comprehensive view of entire business processes such as product upload, management of the orders, etc. An email plugin was also added which helped in order-related processes and marketing for the suppliers. A visitor tracking facility to facilitate the marketing team with valuable insights was added. For the payment, transactional processes were automated and required minimal or no manual intervention.

Algoscale’s solution enabled better reach to customers and suppliers through a web application. It provided pan-India reach for all suppliers thereby enabling greater market reach which in turn increased their market by a large number.

Technology Stack
Python, Django, ElasticSearch, Angular & MySQL.

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