11% Sales Spike Using Machine Learning To Forecast Resale For A Diagnostic Test Kits Provider

11% Sales Spike Using Machine Learning To Forecast Resale For A Diagnostic Test Kits Provider

Machine Learning To Forecast Resale For A Diagnostic Test Kits Provider

Industry Challenge/ Challenges

For whatever the initial reasons might have been, having numerous and incompatible CRMs is a pain that grows exponentially over time. It becomes practically challenging to maintain data quality and governance across them. There are dozens of essential API connections as well as dozens of non-essential ones that are a nightmare to disentangle. It’s also chock-full of proprietary data, such as activity histories and custom objects, that may be tough to move for sales operations. Furthermore, the duplication of data makes it tricky to push future sales predictions based on the behavior of the existing customers.

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  • Source
    Finding a single source of truth for all the data scattered at multiple locations was one of the biggest challenges for the client.
  • Silos
    The client had been using two CRMs (NetSuite and Close.io), which maintained data in silos and had data duplication.
  • Synchronization
    There was a need to build pipelines to pull data from the existing CRMs of the client and synchronize the data between them.


Problem Statement

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To design a solution that would synchronize data between the existing CRMs (NetSuite and Close.io), analyze the data, and predict future sales on a user-friendly, intuitive dashboard. In addition, the client wanted prospects-scoring in the CRM and to push the data to Close.io for further action.


Our Solution

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  • Algoscale enriched the data from third-party sources and used machine learning and advanced analytics on multiple data points like client lists, purchase histories, and the nature of the institution to forecast sales of the next testing kit.
  • Our team also used Django and PHP to pull data from and synchronize the CRMs (NetSuite and Close.io) while making sure that any changes made in one CRM were reflected in the other.
  • For synchronization purposes, we worked with numerous SOAP APIs and Web services. The synced data was demonstrated on an Angular dashboard.




Tech Stack


Business Impact

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  • The client observed an 11% spike in sales with our exceptional solution.
  • Algoscale delivered a user-friendly, intuitive dashboard to demonstrate synchronized data between existing CRMs, evaluate data, and forecast revenues in the future.
  • The synchronization measures simplified the overall architecture and further aided in building the dashboard and prediction layers on top of it.
  • With the help of our solution, each lead is now assessed based on its conversion potential, as determined by prior wins and losses.



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Sales Spike Using Machine Learning To Forecast Resale For A Diagnostic Test Kits Provider

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