Why React JS is the Best Choice for Your Web Development Needs

Why React JS is the Best Choice for Your Web Development Needs

Today, frontend frameworks and libraries are an integral aspect of the web development stack. With these standardized frontend technologies, developers are no longer required to craft intuitive UI components with pure JavaScript. 


Instead, they can use reusable code modules and accelerate the development process without spending copious time coding every object from scratch. And one such frontend tool is React JS, which is used by over 11 million websites worldwide. 


React JS is a highly efficient and flexible JavaScript framework developed by Facebook. The incredible framework comes to the rescue of many UI developers as it helps to build interactive user interfaces and web applications quickly with much less code. 


Additionally, it offers unrestrained access to a huge community of proficient React JS developers who are actively using the framework. Therefore, it is no surprise why frontend developers across the world are choosing React as their preferred tool for building aesthetic and functional visual web products.  


In today’s blog, we will find out all about React JS development and why you must choose it for your next web project. 


React JS Features


There are plenty of features of React JS that make it a brilliant tool for website UI development. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension)

JSX is a combination of JavaScript and HTML. It is a syntax extension to JavaScript, which makes the code much easier, cleaner, and more understandable. This allows developers to structure component rendering by using a syntax that is already familiar to them. 


  • One-way Data Binding

As the name suggests, one-way data binding means one-direction data flow. It means that data in React JS flows only in one direction, i.e. from top to bottom. In other words, the data only flows from the parent components to the child components. 


Therefore, the properties in the child component cannot return data to the parent components. It can only communicate with the parent components to alter the states as per the inputs. This process of one-way data binding keeps data unidirectional, makes the application faster, and boosts working efficiency. 


  • Virtual DOM

DOM refers to Document Object Model. A virtual DOM is a depiction of the original DOM object. Whenever the developer makes any changes to the web application, the entire UI is rendered in the virtual DOM. Then, it looks for the difference between the previous DOM and the new DOM depiction. Once the difference is identified, the real DOM updates only the changed parts. This is an excellent feature that helps to make the application much faster without utilizing any unnecessary memory. 


  • Reusable Components

One of the most noteworthy features of React JS is its possibility to reuse components. Components are small, independent, and reusable bits of code. These components can be used as a primary JavaScript function and can be easily reused in other parts of the web product.


These reusable components save a lot of the developer’s time as they don’t have to write different codes for the same features. Additionally, if any changes are made in any specific part, it will not impact the other parts of the web product. 


All these aforementioned features make React the best web development framework. It is a structured, performative, and productive library with several advantages that offer a robust environment for web development.


Benefits of React JS

With React JS, you can get your hands on an aesthetically-appealing website in no time. The incredible framework spares React JS developers from the trouble of diving into complex JavaScript codes, which is a time-intensive process. 


Moving on, here are some more prominent benefits of opting for React JS development services. 


  • Rich and Intuitive User Interfaces

A rich user interface is all about swift interactions and responsiveness. In React JS, the rendering is pretty much automated, which enables developers to build clean and lean codes. Thus, developers can focus on building rich and intuitive user interfaces without worrying about debugging complicated codes. And this boosts the engagement metric by a drastic margin. 


  • Custom Components

Standard components can get a little monotonous. Every business wants to stand apart from its competitors. And to do that, their web products must also be unique. With React JS, developers can enjoy the freedom to bring new and customized UI components that exhibit distinctive behavior and appearance. 


Also, building these custom components in React is easy with the extension JSX. JSX supports HTML and is highly compatible with all kinds of browsers. 


  • Quick Rendering

This is among the leading benefits of React JS development. Earlier, websites would take a long time to display dynamic and complex UI elements. This is because even a tiny change in a single element would result in the browser updating every single component on the UI. 


But with React JS, the browser leverages a virtual DOM that only updates the changes while keeping all the other elements as they are. This results in much faster rendering. 


  • A Massive and Flourishing Community

Another compelling benefit of using React JS framework is access to a strong and active community of developers. Often, getting started with a new tool can be an overwhelming task. However, with React, the process becomes considerably easier, thanks to the extensive documentation available for getting started with the framework. 


You can check out the GitHub page to find over 1,500 contributors. Also, you can check the vibrant community on StackOverflow. In case you have any doubts or queries, you can post them here and immediately get a response from experienced developers. 


  • Better Code Stability

React JS offers excellent code stability. This means that the UI components built with this framework are relatively predictable. And this is because of the unidirectional data flow. 


Because the data flow in one direction only, the changes made to the child component cannot impact the parent component. This eliminates data duplication issues as well as helps to maintain stability in the components. 


Real-World Examples of React JS Development Services

Owing to React’s inherent capability to create fast, effective, and scalable web applications, it has gained immense popularity. Thousands of web products are based on React JS framework and offer an incredible user experience. 


Here are some of the most notable companies that have chosen React JS as a core part of their web development efforts:


Facebook: Facebook is an obvious mention since it is the company that pioneered the introduction of React. Facebook’s website uses React JS, which is part of its code. Facebook uses React for its minor components such as the Like and Login options. Also, React powers the comments, share, post, and video uploading features. The user information, chat ability, and subscribe functionality are other crucial components developed using the framework. 


Instagram: Instagram is another platform that has implemented tons of features built on top of React. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, which at that time, was a single-page promotional website listing its iOS version. After acquiring, developers decided to entirely revamp the Instagram app using React. Today, the Instagram application you see is majorly powered by React JS, including the news feed, authentication, navigation, and commenting features. 


Airbnb: Airbnb is a truly revolutionary concept in the hospitality industry. It was among the first apps that enabled homeowners to get access to a network that helped them rent out rooms in their homes, vacation houses, or condos. Anyone who has used the Airbnb app understands how interactive it is. And nearly all components of this app are built using the React JS library. 



By now, it is clear that React JS is among the most preferred front-end UI development frameworks. Owing to its simplicity, clean coding, performance, and efficiency, it is used by thousands of enterprises that want to cut off a significant time from development. It also helps to create highly interactive user interfaces.  


Algoscale is a reputed React JS Development Company that offers robust, reliable, and cost-efficient web development services. Our team of proficient developers has experience in working with a global string of clientele. Contact us to know more about React JS development today!

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